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Le fil d'Encre Noire

Ce blog est une vitrine de la démarche artistique d’Encre Noire et nullement une intrusion dans la vie privée de nos mariés. Merci à tous ceux qui nous laissent dévoiler un peu de leur intimité.

South and North American Union @ Château de Vallery

Jossie and Chris married in July at château de Vallery situated at Burgundy's doors. Thanks to Ariane and Christine who did a very great job ! And many thanks Jossie for your so warm welcome, your smile and your tears !

"Eric, We wanted to first and foremost thank you for taking our pictures ! It was a pleasure to work with you ! Thank you so much ! We just discover your selection and they are amazing ! :) Jossie & Chris" © Eric M / Encre Noire / 07-2014


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