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Encre Noire suits couples that are looking for beautiful photographs that have been taken ‘in the moment’ and don’t want to spend the entire day posing for typical wedding portraits. Encre Noire is the perfect choice for couples that want to enjoy their wedding day and their guests. The Encre Noire photographers are known for their photojournalistic style, their artistic sensibility and their focus on human relationships. Their photographs are true-to-life and don’t depend on unnecessary effects.

The versatility of a wedding photographer

The job of a wedding photographer is far too often underestimated and overlooked by the bride and groom. A good wedding photographer must have technical knowledge in all areas of photography at the same time as being skilled at capturing the emotions and the essence of the day. They must have a sense of context and narrative and be able to work with minimal lighting. They must be discreet and subtle and ready at all times to capture a special moment. They must be perceptive and sensitive to the importance of family and friends.  A marriage is a unique opportunity to gather several generations together. A good wedding photographer must be able to manage groups of people and to tactfully impose their experience at the same time as working quickly and efficiently. They must be a skilled portraitist and know how to bring out and highlight different expressions. They must have experience of photographing objects, decoration and details. A good wedding photographer must keep up to date with current trends and must have an aptitude for making people feel at ease in order to capture them looking relaxed and natural. All of this…on the same day!

No room for error!

A photographer covering a press event only needs to get a few good shots. A photographer who is shooting a personal project can take his or her time and come back many times to reshoot the subject. An architecture photographer can decide the day and time of the shoot and reschedule if the weather conditions are not favourable. An advertising photographer might have pressure from the agency and the client but will often have a team of assistants and the time required to get to the right shot. A corporate photographer can ask a company director for a second sitting to get a portrait just right. The worst that can happen is that they might lose a client. A wedding portrait photographer can ask the bride to get dressed up again for re-shoots. However, a wedding event photographer has no room for error. Events cannot be replayed, especially when it’s as personal and unique as a wedding!

Bad photographs, a classic wedding mishap…

Everyone seems to know a married couple that didn’t choose the right photographer for their wedding photography.

During the planning phase, many extra items are added to the wedding to-do list and champagne is often given more priority than the photography. Far too often, a few months or a few years later, the bride and groom are still upset that their wedding photographs consist of blurry pictures and unsightly expressions! When planning a wedding, it’s important that the bride and groom choose a wedding photographer that they can trust. Making a choice based on saving a few hundred euros is a common mistake. It’s easy to be seduced by a selection of original shots on a website or by Photoshop effects that have jazzed up an uninteresting picture. You should always ask to see examples of a photographer’s work before choosing who will cover your wedding. Look at the way that the photos have been framed and the way in which the expressions and emotions have been captured.  A photographer’s portfolio should help you understand the way in which he or she works and give you an idea of their artistic sensibility as well as their discretion. Post-production costs should be discussed prior to committing to a contract.  Above all, make sure that you meet your photographer before your wedding day!

Transparency – Choosing your photographer

Corinne and Eric the two photographers of Encre Noire work in harmony with each other. There is 100% transparent regarding your choice of photographer. There is a special relationship between the bride and groom and the photographer that they choose to accompany them on their wedding day. Encre Noire aims to reassure the happy couple every step of the way! On your wedding day, your photographer will remain discreet and friendly at all times.

Family pictures

A wedding is an important and essential opportunity to create long lasting souvenirs for the entire family. Encre Noire respects the significance of a marriage within a family. We ask the parents, siblings, grandparents, bridesmaids, best man and witnesses to group together the beginning of the drinks reception. This also means that the bride and groom can enjoy some time with their guests. 

Photos of the couple

Nowadays, photojournalistic style and natural shots are becoming more commonplace for wedding photographs. However, the image of the couple remains central. Highly stylized, glamorous photos don’t tend to stand the test of time. The Encre Noire photographers are constantly looking for new and original ideas but their pictures remain natural in spirit. The Encre Noire style is adaptable and suits all types of couples. Some people want to spend two or three hours taking photographs on the streets of Paris and others just want a couple of quick portraits. We usually take the portrait pictures of the couple at the end of the drinks reception when the light starts to become interesting but we are open to any suggestions and ideas and can also set-up photo sessions on another day if necessary.


The preparation period is moment out of time, without constraints. We like to capture pictures of the bride and groom as they prepare for their wedding. This is often a simple matter of organization. It isn’t done to get close-up shots of shoes and other details but to immortalize the relationships between the bride and groom, their parents, the bridal party, the best man and the ushers. It is also marks the start of the story and enables the photographer to become acquainted with the people closest to the couple.


The civil ceremony is often over very quickly but this important moment is always conducive to capturing beautiful expressions of happiness and contentment. A wedding photographer must practise great discretion when taking photographs of a religious ceremony. With this in mind, we suggest taking a small selection of photographs of the bride and groom, the parents, the bridal party and the best man. When possible, we will take some wide-angle shots of the wedding party. We like to be present for the entry into the place of worship and for the exchange of rings. We are not particular fans of taking posed photographs of the moment that the register is signed and find that a wedding day provides many other opportunities to capture natural shots of the witnesses.


The drinks reception

During the drinks reception, we alternate between taking discreet portraits, capturing relaxed moments and making sure that we have photographic souvenirs of the setting and the decoration. We are everywhere and anywhere and always ready to capture a special moment.

The Evening

The opening ceremony, the wedding cake, and of course…the speeches!

During dinner, we prefer to photograph the guests laughing or smiling than with a fork in their mouth. It’s much easier to capture a veritable range of images by being discreetly present throughout the dinner. At some weddings, the photographer goes from table to table asking for a group photo. This produces rather conventional images and is far removed from the artistic approach that is favoured by Encre Noire. We prefer to take portraits using the light that is available rather than using a flash and for this reason; we prefer to work in well-lit settings.

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