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Encre Noire is the perfect fit for couples that appreciate a photojournalistic style of capturing exquisite moments with grace, sensitivity and emotion.

After several exhibitions in France and the publication of the beautiful book titled “Un Jour”, Encre Noire is considered to be one of the industry’s most elite wedding photography agencies. The images are free from special effects, natural and relaxed rather than posed and theatrical. The Encre Noire photographers are experienced and skilled in going back to basics and capturing the essence of the day…

Encre Noire Photography Agency

Since forming Encre Noire, freelance photographer Eric M, has been developing the agency as a collective and highlighting the work of many talented photographers.

The portfolios of the photographers that are available for the wedding date are presented to the bride and groom who then choose who they would like to accompany them on their special day. Encre Noire operates a 100% transparency policy with regards to this choice. The couple is encouraged to meet the photographer prior to their wedding. This means that opting to work with a photography agency, rather than an independent wedding photographer, remains personal. The couple has the opportunity to choose their photographer from a team of talented individuals. During almost twenty years of wedding photography, Encre Noire has never let a couple down. Around fifteen independent photographers, some of whom are widely recognized for their work, have collaborated with Encre Noire. The group is now made up of a small team of core members but the photographers who have no longer cover weddings are always available to help if required. Encre Noire is committed to offering a dedicated service in the relaxed and natural style that it has become known for. 

Wedding photographers without borders

Encre Noire is based in but not limited to Paris. The Encre Noire photographers have travelled to weddings all over France and further afield to Marrakech, Venice, Positano, Florence, Tuscany, Barcelona, ​​Lake Constance, Munich, Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Oxford etc..

Paris, the romantic capital of the world

Paris, the City of Light, the historic center, the famous river Seine, the romantic bridges, the lively streets of Montmartre, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower…Paris is undoubtedly the perfect destination for declarations of love and commitment and an ideal setting for a photographer to capture a series of beautiful images. Encre Noire takes a photojournalistic approach to wedding photography rather than setting up posed shots and scenarios. The portraits of the couple are more likely to depict them strolling through the streets of Paris than posing on the steps of the City Hall. The wedding portraits remain true to Encre Noire’s style. They are original, natural, relaxed, free from special effects, tender, warm and fun without being kitsch.

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